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ALFA produces and offers with ALFA ENERGY one full solution for the mounting of the photovoltaic panels (p/v) for solar parks, ceramic tile roofs, industrial roofs and home roofs with the production of special systems from aluminum profiles.

ALFA ENERGY systems have been designed and studied for their static sufficiency according to Eurocode 1 (EC1, ENV 1991 2-1, 2-3,2-4), Eurocode 9 (DESIGN OF ALUMINIUM STRUCTURES, DD ENV 1991 1-1) and of the current Greek Antiseismic Regulation 2000 ([EAK] 2000), so that they correspond completely in difficulties (same weight [F]/[B], wind pressure, snowfall, seismic loads) and offer a huge variety of options, depending on the area and size of the project.


Certifications are very important for the reliability of our system and is the field that ALFA focused on from the first design stage to the final production and distribution system in the Greek and international market.

Additionally ALFA ENERGY systems have been certified and approved for static efficiency in real conditions from TUV Rheinland.

ALFA proceeded in the very important field of certifications and certified ALFA ENERGY mountings systems with static analysis based on finite elements by a special group of mechanic engineers.

The production of the profiles and all the necessary accessories is from a special kind of aluminum alloy in the ALFA factory, ensuring not only fast delivery for any quantity but also the functionality, efficiency and quality of ALFA ENERGY mounting systems.

The safety and strength of your system over the years are the most important in a long-term investment as the Solar units.

Furthermore aluminum is the only full cooperative material with solar panels which are also made of aluminum frame.

The profile that ALFA uses for the production of solar mounting systems and accessories  is from a special alloy (D.Num. Patent 20100100564) with specific mechanical and chemical properties, which have also been tested and certified by EBETAM.

The combination of the strength with the easy way of assembly, that minimizing installation time for the manufacturer-installer can reduce the cost and make ALFA ENERGY systems the most competitive in the market.


ALFA ENERGY systems, have succeeded in a very short time to win the trust of the market.

Until today ALFA ENERGY systems have been used in small and large projects with huge environmental benefits of total energy over 120 MW, which means that averted annually release of at least 150.000 tn of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere which needed to absorb 170,000 acres of forest and is equal to the benefits that will provide about 10,000,000 trees during their photosynthesis.

ALFA ENERGY systems offer a choice depending on the mounting area outreaching same weight of construction, wind, snow, earthquake and additionally provide 25 years warranty.

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